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IN-16 (ИН-16) Nixie Tube with hole in spacer for LED feed through in matched sets. A wonderful great looking Nixie tube, made in the eighties.

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IN-16 (ИН-16) Nixie Tube
with hole in the spacer (for the LED feed through)
Made by Газотрон, Ровно, Украина (Gazotron, Rovno, Ukraine)
his offer is for one new, never used, fully tested IN-16 Nixie tube.
If you order more than one of these tubes, you will get matched tubes (optic and spacer colour)!
You’ll find all data of the IN-16 tubes here (at my Nixie pages)

These tubes fit for the Elektor Nixie-Thermometer kit here
Here you will find another Nixie thermometer kit with much more features.
Amongst others, the very important Cathode Poisoning Prevention, which I highly recommend for Nixie thermometers because the numbers hardly alternate.


Röhrendaten/Tube Data
German English    
Typ Type   IN-16 (ИН-16)
Hersteller Brand   Газотрон (Gazotron Tube Factory, Rovno, Ukraine)
Vergleichstypen Substitutes  
Symbole Displayed symbols   0-9, PL, PR
Symbolhöhe Symbol height   13 mm (0.512")
Pindurchmesser Pin diameter   0.4 mm (0.016")
Röhrendurchmesser nominal Tube diameter nominal   13 mm (0.512")
Höhe Röhre gesamt Tube height total   45 mm (1.772")
Anodenspannung nominal Anode voltage nominal V 170
Brennspannung Voltage drop V 140
Kathodenstrom nominal Cathode current nominal mA 2
Sockel Base   Drahtanschluss/Wires
Fassungen Sockets   Drahtanschluss, keine Fassung erforderlich/
Wires, no socket needed



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