Pin Receptacle for pin Ø2.36 mm

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1 Nixie tube socket contact (pin receptacle) for pin diameter 2.36 mm.

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Nixie Tube Socket Contacts (Pin Receptacles) as replacement for Nixie Tube Sockets
For pin diameter 2.36 mm

Example of use:
Note: the shown PCB and parts are not part of this offer!
This offer is for
1 pcs. pin receptacle!

Technical Data:

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passender Pin Durchmesser min. Mating pin diameter min. 1,22 mm (0,048")
passender Pin Durchmesser max. Mating pin diameter max. 2,59 mm (0,102")
passender Pin Durchmesser nominal Mating pin diameter nominal 2,36 mm (0,093")
Durchmesser Montagebohrung Mounting hole diameter 3,73 mm (0,147")
Oberfläche Hülse Shell finish verzinnt/Tin plated
Oberfläche Kontaktfeder Contact finish vergoldet/Gold plated

These pin receptacles can be used for all tubes with pin diameter Ø2.36 mm.
They fit for the following tube bases: K8A, B11A, B12A, B12E, B12E+, B14A, U11. And many more
The currently known Nixie tubes, Dekatrons and display tubes with these bases are:
11TU7, 4CG-10A-2, 6370, 6476, 6476A, 6482, 6802, 6909, 6910, 7031, 7032, 705A, B-7011, B-7031, B-7032, BD-307, CD12, CD16, CD16A, CD16B, CD27, CD27/GR-401, CD40, CD42, CD46, CD46(LD-669), CD47, CD47/GR-411, CD47/GR-414, CD67, CD95, CD95/GR-311, CK6476, CK6802, CK6909, CK6910, CT783, CV1739, CV1739GC10/4B, CV2199, CV2223, CV2223-G10/241E, CV2271, CV2325, CV2325GS10C/S, CV5106, CV5143, CV5291, CV5351, CV5351GN-5A, CV6044, CV6100, CVX2223, DC-10A, DC-10A-2, DK11, DK12, DK13, DK14, DK15, DK16, DK18, DK20, DK23, DK23/4CG-10A-2, DK27, DK31, DM10B-1, DM10B-2, DU10A-2, DZ10, E1T, ELW1, ELW-1, G10/200E, G10/240E, G10/241E, G10/241K, GC10/3A, GC10/4B, GC10/4B CV1739, GC10/4B/L, GC10A, GC10B, GC10B/L, GC10B/L CV6044, GC10B/S, GC10B/S CV2271, GC10B-L, GC10B-S, GC10C, GC10C/S, GC10D, GC12/4B, GI-21, GI-30, GN-1, GN2, GN-2, GN-2A, GN-5, GN-5A, GR10A, GR-1162, GR-1406, GR-1620, GR-1706, GR-311, GR-401, GR-411, GR-414, GR-628, GR-727, GS10C, GS10C/S, GS10C/S CV2325, GS10D, GS10E, GS12D, IN-1(ИН-1), LC-516, LD-619, LD-620, LD-640, LD-646, LD-669, LD-738, M2465-401C, M2465-402, M2465-403C, N.I.1, N.I.2, OG3 (ОГ3), OG4 (ОГ4), OG5 (ОГ5), OG5-II-60 (ОГ5-II-60), OG7 (ОГ7), OG8 (ОГ8), OG9 (ОГ9), OQ-1 (K8A base), OQ-3, S10S1, S10S1Sp, VX9194, VX9194 CV6044, VX9194/4B, VX9194/CV6044, Z302C, Z303C, Z303C CV2271, Z502S, Z503M.

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