Digitech TSR-24(S) 20MHz Upgrade

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Digitech 20MHz upgrade for all Digitech TSR-24/TSR-24S effects processors.

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Digitech TSR-24 and TSR-24S – 20MHz upgrade

This offer includes the Digitech "20MHz upgrade" for all Digitech TSR-24 and TSR-24S effects processors.
This upgrade works for ANY TSR-24 or TSR-24S!
This upgrade double the clock of the main processor (The Z80) from 10MHz to 20MHz.

Check your software-version!!!
Switch on the unit while watching the display. The firmware version in shown there while boot up. E.g. the display shows "1.20" – that means firmware version 1.20.
If you have firmware version 2.00 you can use this upgrade.
If you don’t have firmware version 2.00 you will need the full 2.00 upgrade here.
Note: You don’t need to buy this 20MHz-upgrade if you buy the complete
2.00 upgrade here, since the 2.00 upgrade includes the 20MHz upgrade already.

Check the the cycle frequency of the main processor of your TSR-24(S)!!!
Execute these steps:
– Switch on the unit while watching the display.
– Check what is written after the firmware version.
There are 3 possibilities:
a) no trailing characters: that means you have 10MHz cycle frequency of the main processor
b) if there is written "10MHz" the main processor runs at 10MHz.
c) if there is written "20MHz" the main processor runs at 20MHz.
If you have 10MHz installed you can use this upgrade.

After installing the 20 MHz upgrade the TSR-24(S) needs to be reset. With that all settings will be lost.
If you want to keep them, consider a bulk MIDI dump or individual program dump. (I don’t know, though, if older TSR-24 programs will seamlessly load back into a TSR-24S.) Or, write down your most important settings on paper.

Scope of delivery:
– 20 MHz upgrade, these are some electronic parts which need to be replaced (soldered) to the main board.
– the installation manual in English (0r German if you tell me)

More TSR-24 / TSR-24S stuff wanted?
Check out my homepage:
TSR-24(S) Webpage

You will get the following benefits by installing the 20MHz-upgrade:
The speed increase is associated with:
– program changes
– higher multiplex speed of the 7 segment display and the LEDs
– expression controller responsiveness
– speed of response to user commands (operating system response)
– speed of boot up
– refresh rate of the display
– algorithm compilation
– etc.

Attention: To install this upgrade you will need knowledge in soldering!

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