Digitech Encoder for Parameter Knobs for SGS 2112 2120 VGS

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Digitech rotary encoder for parameter knobs (Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Mix) for SGS 2112 and 2120 VGS.

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Digitech Rotary Encoder for Parameter Knobs for SGS 2112 and 2120 VGS

This encoder will work for the Digitech units: SGS 2112 and 2120 VGS
and for some other units from this time. Please contact me if you are unsure if it will fit!

You will need this replacement encoder if a parameter knob (Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Mix) does not work properly anymore.
If you experience problems like the parameter changed with the parameter knob does not increase or decrease smoothly or the parameter value jumps not from one to the next your encoder is defective and needs to be replaced.

To replace the encoder you’ll need knowledge in soldering.
This encoder will not fit for the data wheel, but for the 5 lower parameter knobs.
This offer includes the encoder and the nut.
Digitech part no.: 44-0172

The parameter encoders are the parts which are mounted behind the parameter knob (this offer is NOT for the parameter knobs!):

Note: The shown units and the parameter knobs are not part of this offer!

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Weight 0.10 kg