Set of wear parts for Hickok Tube Testers I-177(A/B)

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Set of wear parts for Hickok tube tester I-177, I-177-A, I-177-B: Tubes #83 and 5Y3GT and 2 pcs. Fuse-Lamps #81.

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Set of wear parts for Hickok tube tester
I-177, I-177-A, I-177-B

This set contains all necessary wear parts, you should have on stock in case of need.
These are all hard to get special parts.
The parts in this set all have been selected by the Hickok tube tester Guru Dieter Waechter.

This set contains the following parts:

  • One rectifier tube type #83 – BALANCED! made by General Electric (NOS, NIB)
    These are the exact original tube types as used in the testers!
    This tube you should have at hand, because it is the most stressed tube in the tube tester, which rectifies the plate voltage.
    Please do NOT use any other tube, also not the standard unbalanced #83!
    And in NO CASE use the silicon diode rectifier replacements you find at Ebay and at the internet. These have a different characteristic curve and will give wrong readings.
    The silvery shiny layer inside the tube is quite normal and no reason for a complaint.
    The tube was tested very good and matched for balance.
    The tube is NOS (New Old Stock, never used) and NIB (New In original Box)

  • One rectifier tube type 5Y3GT (NOS NIB)
    This is the second tube in the tube tester. The tube was tested good. It is NOS (New Old Stock) and NIB (New In original Box) – depending on our stock.

  • 2 pcs. Fuse-Lamps Type #81
    In the I-177 series tube testers this special bulb (type #81) is used as fuse lamp. It often blows if you forget the shorts test and try to test a defective tube or if you set the selector switches wrong. Therefore you should hold 2 pcs. of them on stock. The bulbs are new and unused, of course. Please do NOT use any other bulb than this type! Lamp Data: Type: #81, Voltage: 6.5 V, Current: 1.02 A, Power: 6.63 W, Socket: BA15s, Filament: C2R, Glass type: G6 Clear, Alias names: No.81, CM-81, GE-81, W-81.

We also have other special tube tester parts on stock. Please ask us!

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