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Digitech PPC-210 Parallel Processing Card for GSP2101
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PPC210 for Digitech GSP 2101
This upgrade module works for ANY GSP2101, GSP2101 Artist, GSP2101 Limited Edition, GSP2101 LE or GSP 2101 Artist PRO!

The module comes with detailed installation-manual in English and also with patch-file (zip-file download) which contains all necessary software to store your settings and patches on your PC over MIDI.
To install the PPC210 module you need firmware-version 2.00 or higher in your GSP2101.

If you don't know if you have a PPC210 installed in your GSP2101, you can find it out by following these steps:
- dial program 101
- Press the "Utility" button
- Press the "Next" button TWICE(!)
- If the display shows "Seamless Program 101" you have a PPC210 installed in you unit.
- If the display shows "Global EQ" you have no PPC210 installed in you unit.

If you don't know which firmware-version you've got:
- switch off the GSP2101
- switch on the GSP2101 while watching the display.
- The
firmware-version is shown there while boot up.
- E.g. there is shown: "2.01.01.a." or "2.55.a"
To install the PPC210 module you need firmware-version 2.00 or higher in your GSP2101. If you have a lower firmware-version you will find the necessary firmware-upgrade in my other offers.

I always recommend upgrading to firmware-version 3.00.00.a.
With this firmware you'll get the best out of your GSP 2101!
All you need for the upgrade you will find in my other offers.
Questions? Please write me a message!
The following information is only for the professionals:
I guarantee that the canon echo will NOT appear with this PPC210. I have found a special way to avoid it.
With this PPC210 there will be NO canon echo!!!! You will get 100% guarantee for that issue!!!

After installing the PPC-210 module, the GSP2101 needs to be reset. With that all settings will be lost. If you want to keep your presets you should consider to save your settings. The necessary software to store your presets via MIDI you will find in the zip-file (content of this offer here). In this patch file you will also find more then 500 patches for the GSP2101, programmed by the GSP2101 guru. These patches can be transmitted to your GSP2101 over MIDI.

You will get the following benefits by installing the PPC210-module:

  • Create algorithms that use BOTH S-DISCS simultaneously. This means that you can now create some pretty big algorithms using more exotic modules than with a single S-Disc unit.
  • Switch seamlessly between single S-DISC programs. For example, this allows your 'Metallica Crunch' program to fade out according to your pre-programmed ramp times while the 2101 is loading up your 'Clean Delay' algorithm (because you punched it up on your FC-1). The small amount of time it takes the 2101 to load the second program is covered up with the sound of your previous program fading out, rather than a sharp drop in sound. Furthermore, by allowing slow fade and hold times, you can actually blend the two sounds together for a few seconds to make the transition smoother. However, note that as soon as the switch is made, your input is no longer sent to the first program; the sound from that program is merely whatever sound was still stored in its delay & reverb buffers.
    Note: you cannot switch seamlessly from or to a Dual-S-DISC program, because they require both S-DISCs to operate. However, you can have dual S-DISC programs, and still use seamless switching for other (single S-DISC) programs. In other words, you don't have to choose between seamless switching or Dual S-DISC Programs for your entire unit; just for your individual programs. Just realize that there will be a small gap when switching to or from Dual S-Disc programs.
  • increased memory (adds 6MB SDRAM).
  • Doubled delay time
  • increased sampling time to 10 seconds.
  • The PPC-210 adds 4 new factory algorithms to your 2101:
    • Algorithm #30 – Tuning Reference
    • Algorithm #31 – Super Mod/Pitch
    • Algorithm #32 – Whammy madness
    • Algorithm #33 – Old Time FX
  • The PPC-210 adds 15 new factory programs to your 2101. The program numbers depend on the EPROM version installed in your 2101 - 241 through 255 for version 3.00.00, and 201 through 215 for all versions prior to 3.00.00:
    • Program 201/241 – Gooey 2101 Treatment
    • Program 202/242 – Quaalude Buzz Box
    • Program 203/243 – Analog Kentucky
    • Program 204/244 – Outer Limits
    • Program 205/245 – Ain’t No Saint
    • Program 206/246 – The Works
    • Program 207/247 – Hide Behind My Bebop
    • Program 208/248 – Sunrise in Okinawa
    • Program 209/249 – Curiosity?
    • Program 210/250 – MuckVerb
    • Program 211/251 – Analogged Blues
    • Program 212/252 – Dirty Delay Heaven
    • Program 213/253 – Eternities
    • Program 214/254 – Chorus Cavern
    • Program 215/255 – Canned AM Radio

The Upgrade contains:
- A new, tested PPC-210 Module
- A detailed installation manual in English and German
- A patch-file (zip-file download) with editing software for the GSP 2101! With the ZIP-file you'll get more then 500 patches for the GSP2101, programmed by the GSP2101 guru. These patches can be transmitted to your GSP2101 over MIDI.

No soldering is required to install this module!

If you need more GSP2101 stuff:
Check out my homepage:
GSP2101 Site Germany

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