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Tube set for Digitech units GSP 2101, 2112, 2120
41,65 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT) excl. | Shipping weight: 0.10 kg | Delivery time 3-10 days within Germany**

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2 selected replacement tubes 12AX7A for Digitech units:
GSP2101 Studio Tube, 2101 Artist, 2101 Artist PRO, GSP 2101 LE (Limited Edition),
Digitech  SGS 2112 & 2120 VGS

This offer is for one pair (2 pcs.) 12AX7A tubes specially selected for the units:
Digitech GSP2101 Studio Tube, GSP2101 Artist, GSP2101 Artist PRO, GSP 2101 LE (Limited Edition),
Digitech  SGS 2112 & 2120 VGS

Item Condition:

These tubes are new, tested and selected.


Q: Which tubes do you offer in this listing?
A: For the Digitech units it is important to use low microphonic types with a mutual conductance of approx. 1500 µMHOS.
Moreover the harmonic distortions (which make the sound) are important.
The brand or manufacturer does not matter. I have no special brands of tubes on stock. It is difficult to get high quality low microphonic tubes today, so I buy the best I can get and select them for the Digitech units. You can be sure that you will get excellent quality tubes for you unit!

Q: How do you select the tubes?
A: I select them the following way:
- filament test on calibrated Neuberger RPM375 tube tester
- cold tube shorts test on calibrated Neuberger RPM375 tube tester
- emission measurement on calibrated Neuberger RPM375 tube tester 
- gas test on calibrated Neuberger RPM375 tube tester
- hot tube shorts test on calibrated Neuberger RPM375 tube tester
- mutual conductance measurement on calibrated Hickok TV-7B/U or C/U or TV-2B/U tube testers
- microphonic test in GSP2101 Artist Pro unit
- sound test and final selection in GSP2101 Artist Pro unit

Here you see some examples of my tube testers:
The monster tube tester: Neuberger RPM375

Remark: The shown tube tester is not part of this offer!

The Hickok TV-7B/U

Remark: The shown tube tester is not part of this offer!

Q: Once, you told me that it is necessary to calibrate my Digitech unit after replacing the tubes. Is this really necessary?
A: Yes, definitely. After replacing the tubes you must calibrate your unit, except you use the selected tubes in this offer.
The reason why you don't need to calibrate you unit if using the tubes in this offer is that the "gain" or better said the "mutual conductance" is selected to approx. 1500µMHOS.

Q: My friend put in tubes branded by XXXX in his unit and he told me it sounds great - can you offer these tubes?
A: Your friend decalibrated his unit by putting the tubes in WITHOUT calibrating the unit and it's impossible to judge the sound. Moreover all tubes of the same brand and series are different and nobody can say the manufacturer XXXX sounds good in a Digitech unit. It is more or less coincidence that the tubes sound good. So take care!

Q: How do I replace the tubes?
A: You'll get a detailed installation manual with the tubes in English or German language. No need to worry. It is very simple to replace the tubes. You don't need to solder anything and you don't need any measurement instruments.

Q: Will I lose my presets after installing the tubes?
A: No.

This picture shows the installation manual:

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 08. April 2009.

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