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Digitech GSP2101 Artist Upgrade
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Digitech GSP 2101 Artist Upgrade Version 3.00.a or 3.00.00.a Chips
Including the 20MHz hardware-upgrade (if needed)!
Also available for all 1-EPROM boards!!!
Replacement Battery included!

This offer includes the Digitech software "Artist 3.00.a" respectively "Artist 3.00.00.a" for all Digitech GSP 2101 effects processors.
This upgrade works for ANY GSP2101, GSP2101 Artist, GSP2101 Limited Edition, GSP2101 LE or GSP 2101 Artist PRO!
This package also includes the internal battery for the GSP2101 (all Variants) which should be replaced every 7 years.

Check your software-version!!!
- switch off the GSP2101
- switch on the GSP2101 while watching the display.
- The software-version is shown there while boot up.
- E.g. there is shown: "2.01.01.a." or "2.55.a"

That means:
The "2.01.01" or "2.55" indicates your software-version.
The ".a" at the end of the software-version describes, if your GSP2101 runs with 20MHz cycle frequency or not.
If you have a ".a" at the end of the software-version the Z80 (the Z80 is the main-processor of your 2101) works with 20 MHz.
If you have no ".a" at the end of the software-version the Z80 works with 10 MHz only.

What you will get with this package:
A complete software AND hardware-upgrade to 3.00.00.a OR 3.00.a with detailed installation manuals and patch-file (zip-file download) with editing software for the GSP 2101!
With the ZIP-file you'll get more then 500 patches for the GSP2101, programmed by the GSP2101 guru. These patches can be transmitted to your GSP2101 over MIDI.
Be careful! Do not buy from sellers which offer the software upgrade for 2ERPOM board or the 3.00.00 upgrade only!!!
They might NOT work for you unit!! Please email me if you are not sure which hardware-version you've got!
With this package you will get the 3.00.00.a or the 3.00.a upgrade (not the 3.00.00 or the 3.00 upgrade only!)
If you are not sure which GSP2101 version you have or if you have any other problems just write me!
After your order I will ask you for your current software-version and depending to this, I will send you the right parts you need to perform the upgrade to 3.00.00a or 3.00.a!
Note: I guarantee 100%: This upgrade works for ANY GSP2101, GSP2101 Artist, GSP2101 Limited Edition, GSP2101 LE or GSP 2101 Artist PRO!
A replacement battery CR2032
(The battery is not necessary for the upgrade, but you should take the opportunity to replace the battery when you have your unit open)
If you have any questions to the upgrade just write me a message!

You will need a new user manual!!!
After you have upgraded to 3.00.00.a or 3.00.a you will need a new user manual because the operation functions change with this software!
You can download the new (Artist) user manual for free here!!

Item Condition:

These upgrade (chips, battery and hardware parts) are new, tested, in working condition.

If you need more GSP2101 stuff:

Check out my homepage:
GSP2101 Site Germany

If you need the mega-rare PPC210 for your GSP2101:
contact me!

Software-Upgrade (Artist Upgrade) description:

If you have a software-version earlier than 3.00.00 or 3.00 you should upgrade to it.
The 3.00.00 is the same as the 3.00 software. It is called "Artist-Software".
After the upgrade you will have the following benefits if you now have software-version less than 2.00.00:

  • Software version 3.00 supports the PPC 210
  • Software version 3.00 includes algorithms for the PPC 210 usage
  • Fixed memory problem resulting from MIDI program change commands
  • Smoother Wah-Wah
  • Quick access to CC links (press/hold MIDI button)
  • Other misc bugs solved
  • NOTE: Bulk SysEx MIDI data dumps are incompatible between versions 2.xx.xx and previous versions. However, individual program dumps are still compatible.

After the upgrade you will have the following benefits if you now have a software- version less than 2.05.05 or 2.55:

  • Smoother Wah-Wah
  • New Presets created by popular guitarists and bassists
  • Improved tuner with dropped tunings
  • New Smooth Whammy with polyphonic shifting
  • Improved Chromatic Pitch Shifter User configurable algorithms
  • Extensive preamp featuring two 12AX7 tubes and 3 solid state distortions
  • Upgradeable with a PPC-210 expander for seamless program changes
  • New programmable speaker simulation
  • Improved C-1 Programming interface (using links)
  • Added MIDI command to help facilitate programming an editor. librarian
  • Added Utility feature to alter the Program/Bank/Tuner and Bypass footswitches on the C-1.

After the upgrade you will have the following benefits if you now have a software- version less than 3.00.00 or 3.00:

  • Some bug fixes
  • Intelligent Pitch Shifting

You will get the following benefits by installing the 20MHz-upgrade:
(If you have a ".a" at the end of the software-version you already have the 20MHz upgrade installed! If you don't have a ".a" at the end of the software-version you will get the 20MHz upgrade with this upgrade package)
You will double the clock of the main processor (The Z80) from 10MHz to 20MHz.

The speed increase is associated with:

- program changes

- higher multiplex speed of the 7 segment display and the LEDs

- expression controller responsiveness

- speed of response to user commands (operating system response)

- speed of boot up

- refresh rate of the display

- algorithm compilation

- etc.

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 28. March 2009.

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