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2 pcs. CT-IN-18 Colon Tubes and blue LEDs
26,18 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT) excl. | Shipping weight: 0.02 kg | Delivery time 3-10 days within Germany**

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2 pcs. CT-IN-18 Colon Tubes
incl. mounting rubber and blue floor lighting

Example of use! Remark: The Nixie clock case and IN-18 Nixie tubes are not part of this offer!
(You will find Nixie tubes at my other offers!)

This offer includes 2 wonderful, new, CT-IN-18 colon tubes,
2 mounting rubbers and 2 blue LEDs for the floor lighting as shown here:



Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pcs. CT-IN-18 colon tubes (new, unused, tested, matched in terms of colour and shape)
  • 2 mounting rubbers
  • 2 blue LEDs (Light intensity: 2000 mcd)

This set fits perfect to the IN-18 tubes at my other offers!
but also for similar tubes (with digit height 30-50 mm).
For example:

7031, 7032, 7037, B566M, B-7031, B-7032, B-7037, CD94, CD94/GR-211, CV8090, F9090, F9090A, GA12, GR10G, GR10J, GR10J/F, GR-211, LC-631, NL-7037, NL-7038, NL-934, Z5220M, Z522M, Z5660M, Z566M, Z5680M, Z568M, ZM1040, ZM1040T, ZM1042, ZM1042/01, ZM1220, ZM1222.

These colon tubes provide the opportunity to apply the included LEDs at the tube to generate the very impressive floor lighting effect.

without floor lighting

with blue floor lighting

Example of use! Remark: The Nixie clock case and IN-18 Nixie tubes are not part of this offer!
u will find Nixie tubes at our other offers)

You can use other LEDs instead of the included blue ones, of course.
You'll find the complete assembly instructions and the technical data of the tubes as pdf file here (6 MB).

Here you see the drawing of the CT-IN-18 colon tube:

  • all dimensions in mm
  • The dimension 29 mm can be adjusted for other mounting situations by sliding of the colon tube in the rubber
  • The shown socket you will find at my other offers!
  • The shown IN-18 Nixie tube you will find my other offers!
  • Technical data of colon tube CT-IN-18:

    Tube type   CT-IN-18
    dimensions   see drawing
    voltage drop Udrop 59 V
    recommended Resistor at 170 V RV 180 kΩ
    nominal current I 0.6 mA
    Terminal assignment   Connection
    blue wire   rear upper electrode (+)
    red wire   rear lower electrode (+)
    black wire   front upper electrode (-)
    green wire   front lower electrode (-)

    Mounting notes and floor lighting of colon tube CT-IN-18
    Fasten the colon tube by using the included mounting rubber. You can mount the rubber in a hole in a PCB board or in a hole in an assemby board.
    Here an example (PCB):
    After mounting the rubber, insert the colon tube from the bottom side into the rubber. Note the drawing "Drawing of colon tube CT-IN-18" above for that. After this, connect the colon tube:

    If you want to use the floor lighting with LEDs at the colon tubes attach one LED at the front side (face side) of each colon tube. Do NOT illuminate the colon tube from the back side! I recommend to solder the LED directly to the PCB board. If you use an assembly board instead of a PCB board, you can glue the LEDs to it or build an appropriate holder for the LEDs.
    Here you see an example for the illumination of the colon tubes:

    The dots can be switched seperately of course, so that not only a colon is shown but the singel dots  (e.g. for the date).
    2 dots switched on:

    1 dot switched on:

    Example of use: The IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie Clock - Available as a kit here!
    At the following pictures you see the IN-18 Blue Dream Nixie Clock mounted in a gorgeous stainless steel case as example.
    There’s no limit for your fantasy for the case, of course. Have fun building it!

    Remark: The shown clock case and Nixie tubes are not part of this offer!

    The clock with blue floor lighting switched on:

    At night:

    Remark: The shown clock case and the Nixie tubes are not part of this offer!

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    This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday, 06. March 2011.

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