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Digitech PPC-210/PPC-200 Parallel Processing Card for TSR-24(S)
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PPC-210/PPC-200 upgrade card for Digitech TSR-24(S)
This upgrade module works for ANY TSR-24 or TSR-24S!

The module comes with detailed installation-manual in English.
Before you install the PPC-210/PPC-200 make sure to have firmware version 2.00 or higher installed. Firmware versions lower than 2.00 do not support the PPC!

If you don't know which firmware-version you've got:

Switch on the unit while watching the display. The firmware-version in shown there while boot up. If you need to upgrade to 2.00 – email me! I have the 2.00 upgrade available.
Note: Check what is written after the firmware-version.

If you don't know if you have a PPC-210/PPC-200 installed in your TSR-24(S), you can find it out by the following procedure:
Switch on the unit while watching the display. The firmware version in shown there while boot up. After this screen follows another screen with the message "PPC installed" if you have it installed. If this screen does not appear, you have no PPC installed.

I always recommend upgrading to firmware-version 2.00.
With this firmware you'll get the best out of your TSR-24(S).
All you need for the upgrade you will find in my other offers.

You will get the following benefits by installing the PPC-210/PPC-200 module:

PPC-210/PPC-200 doubles the capabilities of your TSR-24(S).
You'll get the following benefits:

  • increased memory (adds 6MB SDRAM). So you can set 10 seconds (5 seconds stereo) of delay (great for looping!)
  • you get 8 factory algorithms more with cool effects
  • 484 available CPU blocks instead of 228. You can create more complex user algorithms and odd effects.
  • Seamless Program Change: This function allows you to switch seamless from program to program. See user-manual for details.

The Upgrade contains:
- A new, tested
PPC-210/PPC-200 module
- A detailed installation manual in English and German

No soldering is required to install this module!

If you need more TSR-24(S) stuff:
Check out my homepage:
TSR-24(S) Site Germany

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday, 02. February 2014.

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