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Nocrotec Nixie Tube Pin Straightener
99,00 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT) excl. | Shipping weight: 0.10 kg

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Nocrotec Nixie Tube Pin Straightener

This wonderful tool helps you to straighten the pins of your Nixie (and other) tubes in a professional way.
A must-have for all Nixie or Dekatron tube collectors!
Just plug in the tube, and pull it again - done.
It is made of POM (polyoxymethylene) - which is very resistant and ensures a long life expectancy.
It has ALL known Nixie tube bases with pins (not wires).
The dimensions are: 130 × 80 × 8 mm (5.12 × 3.15 × 0.31")
The Nocrotec Nixie Tube Pin Straightener contains the following Base variants:

Base Type Currently known display tubes with this base
B13B 4251, 5031, 5032, 5037, 5092, 5844, 6037, 6167, 6770, 6844, 7153, 7978, 7979, 8021, 8035, 8037, 8262, 8353, 8421, 8423, 8433, 8453, 50317, 50347, JAN-8037, JAN-8421, JAN-8422, JAN-8423, 3480419, 10TU26, 122P224, 154-0326-00, 154-0327-00, 1970-0001, 1970-0002, 439A, 5092A, 5960-99-1711-0174, 6844A, 8037 (B-5031), 8421 (B-5092), 8421/5092, 8423 (B-6031) JAN, 8453 Z550M, B-50113, B-50152, B-5016, B-50174, B-5018, B-5031, B-5031/6844, B-50317, B-50317B, B-50318, B-5032, B-50322, B-50325, B-5034, B-50347, B-5035, B-50369, B-5037, B-5091, B-50911, B-5092, B-5092/8421, B-5092A, B-5093, B-50934, B-5094, B-50944, B-50945, B560M, B566M, B-6012, B-6032, B-6033, B-6034, B-6036, B-6037, B-6091, B-60932, B-6844, B-6844A, B-7153, B-8037, BD-206, BD-214, BD-216, BD-221, BD-225, BD-252, BD-302, BD-310, CD102, CD102(R), CD102R, CD17, CD17(R), CD18, CD24, CD26, CD32A, CD33, CD33(R), CD33R, CD34, CD34(R), CD35, CD35(R), CD53, CD53R, CD54, CD54R, CD55, CD57, CK6844, CK6844A, CK7978, CK8037, CK8421, CT4251, CV5237, CV5238, CV5278, CV5278 (GN-4), CV8292, CV8572, CV9207, CV9316, CV9732, D76, F9004, F9007, F9008, F9009, F9057, F9057A, F9057AA, F9059, F9060, F9061, F9082, F9082AA, F9090, F9090A, GA1, GA1 CV5237, GA2, GA22, GA90, GC-90, GF4, GN-3, GN-4, GN-4A, GN-4D, GN-4E, GN-4P, GNP-4A, GR10M, GR10M/U, GR2M, GR7M, GR7M/4, GR7M/U, GS-4, GS-4A, GS-4A/ZM1023, HB-106, JAN-5844A, JAN-6844A, JAN-CB-6844A, JAN-CBSC-6844A, JAN-CZ-6844A, LC-1, LC-2, LC-511, LC-511F, LC-513, LC-513A, LC-631, LC-631F, LD-728, LL-1, LL-551, LL-551F, LL-552, LL-553, LL-555, LL-556, LL-557, LL-558, LL-558B, LL-661, LL-661F, M2726-102500, M2726-102600, NE-50347, NL-50113, NL-5016, NL-5018, NL-5031, NL-50318, NL-5032, NL-50322, NL-50325, NL-50347, NL-5035, NL-50911, NL-5092, NL-5094, NL-6012, NL-6034, NL-6036, NL-6091, NL-6844, NL-6844A, NL-7153, NL-8037, NL-8037/5031, NL-8421, NL-8421/5092, NL-8423, NL-8423/6091, NL-883, NL-924, NL-925, NL-926, NL-931, NUP102, NUP118, QS30-1, QS30-1A, QS30-1B, QS30-1C, QS30-1D, QS30-23, QS30-25, QS30-2A, QS30-2B, QS30-2C, QS30-3, QS30-35, QS30-37, QS30-39, QS30-3A, QS30-3B, QS30-3C, QS30-3D, QS30-3E, QS30-3F, QS30-3G, QS30-3H, QS30-43, QS30-45, QS30-49, QS30-4A, QS30-4B, QS30-4C, QS30-4D, QS30-5A, QS30-5B, QS30-5C, QS30-65, QS30-69, QS30-6A, QS30-6B, QS30-6C, QS30-6D, QS30-6E, QS30-6F, QS30-73, QS30-7A, ST12C, SZ1-1, SZ1-1A, SZ1-2, SZ1-3, SZ1-4, SZ1-5, SZ1-5A, SZ1-5B, SZ1-5C, SZ1-5D, SZ1-6, SZ1-6A, SZ1-6B, SZ1-6C, SZ1-7, SZ1-7A, SZ1-8, SZ1-8A, SZ1-8B, SZ1-9, SZ1-9A, SZ1-特, SZ1-特2, SZ1-特3, SZ1-特4, SZ1-特5, SZ1-特6-ver. 1, SZ1-特6-ver. 2, SZ1-特8, SZ1-特9, SZ3-1, SZ-8, TA542, Z504S, Z505S, Z510M, Z520M, Z521M, Z5220M, Z522M, Z524M, Z550M, Z5600M, Z560M, Z5610M, Z561M, Z5620M-1, Z5620M-2, Z5620M-3, Z562M, Z562M-1, Z562M-2, Z562M-3, Z562S, Z5630M-2, Z563M-2, Z564S, Z565M, Z5660M, Z566M, Z5670M, Z567M, ZM1020, ZM1020/01, ZM1021, ZM1021 Z521M, ZM1022, ZM1022p, ZM1023, ZM1024, ZM1025, ZM1026, ZM1028, ZM1040, ZM1040T, ZM1041, ZM1041S, ZM1042, ZM1042/01, ZM1043, ZM1043/01, ZM1043S, ZM1047, ZM1049, ZM1050, ZM1060, ZM1070, ZM1220, ZM1222
B26A CV8090, GA12, GR10G, GR10J, GR10J/F, GR12G, GR12H, GR2G, GR2J, GR4G, GS10G, RD.125.
B7G 6845, 6846, 6879, 7155, GC10/2P, GP10/2P, IN-5A (ИН-5А), IN-5A-1 (ИН-5А-1), IN-5B (ИН-5Б), IN-5B-1 (ИН-5Б-1)
B9A 8894, 176-049, 276-049, 276-063, B-5025, B-5030, DA-2000, DA-2010, DA-2020, DA-2500, DA-2900, DA-2910, DR2000, DR2010, DR2020, DR2022, DR2030, DT-1704, DT-1704A, DT-1704B, DT-1704C, DT-1705B, DT-1707B, DT-1707C, DT-1719B, DT-1730B, DT-1741C, DT-1905D, DTF135, GS-1, LC-541, LC-541F, NL-1032, NL-1032N, NL-5025, NL-5030, NUP100, RS-063, S/GDT-1704B, TD-2010, Y-1938, Y-1939, Y-4102, Y-4112, Z523M, Z8700M, Z870M, ZM1030, ZM1031, ZM1031/01, ZM1032, ZM1032N, ZM1033, ZM1033/01, ZM11, ZM1137, ZM12, ZM13, ZM13U, ZM14, ZM15
Euro Grid 411284, 411-0284, 411-284, MUD0X, ZM1000, ZM1000E, ZM1000R, ZM1001, ZM1001E, ZM1001R, ZM1002, ZM1003, ZM1005, ZM1005R, ZM1006, ZM1008, ZM1010, ZM1011, ZM1012, ZM1013, ZM1014, ZM1015
RSH27 A-107, A-108, A-109, IN-2 (ИН-2), IN-8 (ИН-8)
RSH31 A-201, IN-18 (ИН-18), IN-4 (ИН-4), IN-7 (ИН-7), IN-7A (ИН-7A), IN-7B (ИН-7Б)
RSH31a IN-11 (ИН-11), IN-12A (ИН-12А), IN-12B (ИН-12Б), IN-15A (ИН-15А), IN-15B (ИН-15Б), IN-20 (ИН-20), IV-22 (ИВ-22)
RTS-11 1916, 7108, 7193, 8754, 4200840, 4200841, 340-0004, 340-0005, CK1905, CK1907, CK1916, CK1917, CK1918, CK1922, CK1923, CK1926, CK8650, CK8754, J4002, J4004, NL-1246, NL-1942, NL-803, NL-807, NL-811, NL-812, NL-814, NL-821, NL-840, NL-840-8754, NL-841, NL-842, NL-842PT, NL-843, NL-844, NL-844A, NL-845, NL-846, NL-847, NL-848, NL-856, NL-864, NL-867, NL-874, NL-875, NL-8754-840, NL-876, NL-877, NL-884, NL-900, NL-901, NL-902, NL-903, NL-904, NL-905, NL-906, NL-907, NL-908, NL-939, NL-943, NL-967, NL-973, NL-CK1918
SK-136 5991, 8422, 920032, 2382114, 4205991, 154-0509-00 , 1970-0009, 1970-0012, 1970-0013, 1970-0015, 1970-0016, 3D304, 5L5615, 8422 (5991), 8422 (B-5991), 8422/B-5991, 8422J-CBSC, 8701P, A-7056A-R, B32, B-5961, B-5971, B-5991, B-59917, B-59917A, B-59917A/KS19944, B-5992, B-59936, B-59937, B-59952, B-59956, B-5998, B-5999, B-6422, B-8422, B-8998, CD25, CD25a, CD43, CD56, CD56A, CD58, CK1903, CK1904, CK8422, F9138A, F9138AA, F9152A, F9152AA, GR-1401, GR-1420, GR-1477, GR-43031, J4006, J5991, KS-19944, KS-19944,L1, LD-660, LD-729, LD-8022, LD-820, LD-911, NL-1243, NL-1970-0009, NL-5592, NL-5961, NL-5965, NL-5971, NL-5991, NL-5992, NL-59943, NL-5997, NL-5998, NL-806, NL-809, NL-810, NL-810A, NL-816, NL-826, NL-831, NL-836, NL-837, NL-8422, NL-8422/5991, NL-8422/B-5991, NL-849, NL-898, QS27-1, QV361, SZ4-1, SZ-J2, ZM1100, ZM1100CB, ZM1100VC, ZM1102, ZM1102/ZM1182, ZM1162, ZM1162A, ZM1162M, ZM1164, ZM1180, ZM1181, ZM1181/GR-43031, ZM1182, ZM1183, ZM1184A, ZM1185A, ZM1185A GR-1420, ZM1185D, ZM1185E, ZM1185E GR-1477, ZM1186, ZM1188
SK-137 7037, 7971, 8091, 283CQAD7971, B-7037, B-7038, B-7091, B-7094, B-7971, B-8033, B-8091, NL-1212, NL-7037, NL-7038, NL-7094, NL-7971, NL-8091, NL-863, NL-934, Z5680M, Z568M
SK-182 1970-0017, 1970-0018, 1970-0018 NL-5441, 1970-0028, 1970-0032, 1970-0035, 1970-0035 NL-5441A, 1970-0037, 1970-0038, 1970-0038 NL-989, 1970-0046, 1970-0047, 5440A, 5441A, B-54362, B-54364, B-54365, B-54368, B-5440, B-5440A, B-5441, B-5441A, B-5441X, B-5442, B-5442A, B-5445, B-5448, B-5448A, B-5449, B-5450, B-5456, NL/B-5441, NL-1265, NL-1970-0018, NL-54361, NL-54362, NL-5440, NL-5440A, NL-5441, NL-54417, NL-5441A, NL-5442, NL-5442A, NL-5445, NL-5448, NL-987, NL-988, NL-989
TSB-14P 4CG-10B, 4CG-10B-2, CD11, CD11/GR-201, CD14, CD15, CD20, CD21, CD22, CD23, CD29, CD38, CD94, CD94/GR-211, DK24, DK24/4CG-10B-2, DK25, DK26, DK28, DK33, DM10A-2, GR-1, GR-11, GR-201, GR-211, GR-3, GR-4, GR-5, GR-5/CD33, GR-509, GR-524, GR-6, GR-602, GR-7, GR-8

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