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80 pcs. Tube Boxes (Size 7) 35 mm x 35 mm x 40 mm
19,49 EUR (incl. 16 % VAT) excl. | Shipping weight: 0.46 kg | Delivery time 3-10 days within Germany**

Note: The price for this article is 16% less (no VAT) for customers outside the European Union (USA, Switzerland, Australia, Asia, ...)
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80 pcs. Plain White High-Quality Tube Boxes - Size 7
35 mm x 35 mm x 40 mm
(1.4" x 1.4" x 1.6")
Special size for front view Nixie tubes!

Organize your tube collection NOW!
This offer is for 80 pcs. tube boxes, size 7.

These solid tube boxes are manufactured in accordance to the original models and have an inner divider to hold your tubes secure.
We deliver the boxes lying flat and they are assembled quick and easily.

Data of the boxes:
Inner dimensions: 35 mm x 35 mm x 40 mm (1.4" x 1.4" x 1.6")
Cardboard thickness: 0.45 mm (0.0177")
Cardboard weight: 350 g/m²
Outer colour: white

Suitable for front view Nixie tubes with B13B and SK-136 base like:
5031, 5032, 5037, 5092, 5991, 6037, 6770, 6844, 8037, 8421, 8422, 50317, 50347, 920032, JAN-8037, JAN-8421, JAN-8422, 2382114, 3480419, 4205991, 10TU26, 122P224, 154-0326-00, 154-0327-00, 154-0509-00, 1970-0002, 1970-0009, 1970-0012, 1970-0013, 1970-0015, 1970-0016, 3D304, 5092A, 5960-99-1711-0174, 5L5615, 6844A, 8037 (B-5031), 8421 (B-5092), 8421/5092, 8422 (5991), 8422 (B-5991), 8422/B-5991, 8422J-CBSC, 8423 (B-6031) JAN, 8701P, A-7056A-R, B32, B-50113, B-50152, B-5016, B-50174, B-5018, B-5031, B-5031/6844, B-50317, B-50317B, B-50318, B-5032, B-50322, B-50325, B-5034, B-50347, B-5035, B-50369, B-5037, B-5091, B-50911, B-5092, B-5092/8421, B-5092A, B-5093, B-5094, B-50944, B-50945, B560M, B-5961, B-5971, B-5991, B-59917, B-59917A, B-59917A/KS19944, B-5992, B-59936, B-59937, B-59952, B-59956, B-5998, B-5999, B-6012, B-6032, B-6033, B-6034, B-6036, B-6037, B-60932, B-6422, B-6844, B-6844A, B-7153, B-8037, B-8422, B-8998, BD-206, BD-214, BD-216, BD-221, BD-225, BD-252, BD-302, BD-310, CD102, CD102 (R), CD18, CD24, CD25, CD26, CD32A, CD33, CD33 (R), CD33R, CD34, CD34 (R), CD35, CD35 (R), CD43, CD53, CD53R, CD54, CD54R, CD56, CD56A, CD57, CD58, CK1903, CK6844A, CK8037, CK8421, CK8422, CV5237, CV5238, CV5278, CV5278 (GN-4), CV8572, CV9316, CV9732, F9004, F9007, F9008, F9009, F9057, F9057A, F9057AA, F9082, F9082AA, F9138A, F9138AA, F9152A, F9152AA, GA1, GA1 CV5237, GA2, GA22, GA90, GF4, GN-3, GN-4, GN-4A, GN-4D, GN-4E, GN-4P, GNP-4A, GR10M, GR10M/U, GR-1477, GR2M, GR-43031, GR7M, GR7M/4, GR7M/U, GS-4, GS-4A, GS-4A/ZM1023, HB-106, IN-12A (ИН-12А), IN-12B (ИН-12Б), IN-15A (ИН-15А), IN-15B (ИН-15Б), JAN-6844A, JAN-CB-6844A, JAN-CBSC-6844A, JAN-CZ-6844A, KS-19944, KS-19944,L1, LC-1, LC-2, LC-511, LC-513, LC-513A, LD-660, LD-728, LD-8022, LD-820, LD-911, LL-551, LL-552, LL-553, LL-555, LL-556, LL-557, LL-558, LL-558B, M2726-102500, M2726-102600, NE-50347, NL-1243, NL-1970-0009, NL-50113, NL-5016, NL-5018, NL-5031, NL-50318, NL-5032, NL-50322, NL-50325, NL-50347, NL-5035, NL-50911, NL-5092, NL-5094, NL-5592, NL-5961, NL-5965, NL-5971, NL-5991, NL-5992, NL-5997, NL-6012, NL-6034, NL-6036, NL-6844, NL-6844A, NL-8037, NL-8037/5031, NL-806, NL-809, NL-810, NL-810A, NL-816, NL-826, NL-831, NL-836, NL-837, NL-8421, NL-8421/5092, NL-8422, NL-8422/5991, NL-8422/B-5991, NL-883, NL-898, NL-924, NL-926, NL-931, NUP102, NUP118, QS27-1, QS30-1, QV361, ST12C, SZ1-1, SZ3-1, SZ4-1, SZ-8, SZ-J2, TA542, Z510M, Z520M, Z521M, Z524M, Z5600M, Z560M, Z5610M, Z561M, Z5620M-1, Z5620M-2, Z5620M-3, Z562M-1, Z562M-2, Z562M-3, ZM1020, ZM1020/01, ZM1021, ZM1022, ZM1022p, ZM1023, ZM1024, ZM1025, ZM1026, ZM1028, ZM1100, ZM1102, ZM1162, ZM1162A, ZM1162M, ZM1164, ZM1180, ZM1181, ZM1182, ZM1183, ZM1184A, ZM1185A, ZM1185D, ZM1185E, ZM1186, ZM1188.

You will find other box sizes in out other offers.

The following pictures show one tube box only, but this offer is for 80 tube boxes.

Example of use! Remark: The shown tube is not part of this offer!

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday, 03. March 2013.

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