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Digitech Phone Jack for GSP2101, GSP-21 and many others
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Digitech Phone Jack
for Digitech units:
GSP2101 series: GSP2101, GSP2101 Artist, GSP2101 Limited Edition, GSP2101 LE or GSP 2101 Artist PRO
GSP-21 series:
GSP21, GSP21 Pro and GSP21 Legend
And many other units from this time. Please contact me if you are unsure if it will fit!

This offer is for one phone jack including nut for Digitech GSP2101, 2101 Artist, 2101 Artist PRO or Digitech GSP 2101 LE (Limited Edition).
This phone jack fits for all in these units mounted phone plug jacks (INPUT on the front and all phone jacks on the rear panel).
(This jack will also fit for other Digitech models like: GSP21, GSP21 Pro, GSP21 Legend and many more. Please email me if you are unsure!)

The jack fits in the following positions:


Note: the shown units (GSP2101 and GSP2101 Blue Dream) are not part of this offer!

There is a well known problem in the GSP2101 series: The rear input does not work. In most cases this is caused by the FRONT input jack.
At the jacks you'll find 3 switches as you can see on the pictures. The front input jack is fairly stressed in most cases and the switch-contacts bend up a little bit and the signal from the rear input jack which is switched by the front input jack doesn't come through anymore.
If you experience this problem, the jack in this offer can help.

A second well known problem is that the jacks corrode over the years and they become general contact problems.
I recommend NOT to use contact spray (Deoxid or other sprays) to solve this problem but replacing the jacks.

Note: To replace the jacks you'll need knowledge in soldering.
For other special parts please ask.


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This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday, 23. April 2012.

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