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Nixie Tube ZM1032 - New in original box
23,39 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT) excl. | Shipping weight: 0.06 kg | Delivery time 3-10 days within Germany**

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ZM1032 Nixie Tube
New in original box

Made by Valvo

This offer is for one new and tested Nixie Tube ZM1032.
Tubes are matched, and 100% identical.
We also have this tube in other versions and conditions, please contact us!
We also have sockets for that tubes.

The ZM1032 is a biquinary Nixie tube with the "crown" on top of the tube - the strips that connect the odd and even cathodes.

The original box:

The original lot box:

Remark: This offer is for one tube only!

The tubes glowing:

Remark: The shown clock is not part of this offer!

Remark: The shown clock is not part of this offer!

Röhrendaten/Tube Data
German English    
Typ Type   ZM1032
Hersteller Brand   Valvo
Vergleichstypen Substitutes   NL-1032, NL-1032N, NL-5030, Z523M, Z8700M, Z870M, ZM1030, ZM1032N
Symbole Displayed symbols   0-9
Symbolhöhe Symbol height   15.5 mm (0.610")
Abmessungen Overall dimensions   22.2 mm (0.874") dia. X 55.6 mm (2.189") tall
Pindurchmesser Pin diameter   1.02mm (0.040")
min. Betriebsspannung min. supply voltage V 170
typ. Brennspannung typ. maintaining voltage V 141
Betriebs-Kathodenstrom Typical cathode current mA 4
Sockel Base   B9A, Pin 8 vorne/B9A, pin 8 at front
Fassung Socket   B9A (=Noval)


Pinout: Bottom view
Arrow shows direction of viewing!


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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 17. January 2012.

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